Faith and Fate

“We are still masters of our fate. We are still captain of our souls.” – Winston Churchill

Today I am troubled by this quote of Mr. Churchill which states that “We are masters of our fate and captain of our souls. My question is are we really in control of our Fate?

Do we really have a say on what will our future be?

I have always believe that each of us have our own certain Fate.  I have always believe that we are merely instruments and that there is already a path drawn ahead of us.

This is quite a sensitive and very debatable topic. But I shall leave you with this question…

Why should a little innocent girl be raped and killed? Is this something that she can control? Was it her fate?

Why is it that a family sleeping together on a very quite night, be bombed and killed?

I have faith to our lord but sometimes I don’t understand our fate.




A writer I am not…

There are days when my mind would just suddenly throw a question about love, life and random thoughts that would make you ask the question what if? Very often I would find myself imagining and thinking  of all the possibilities and complexities it entails..

Today, my mind is asking me if I could have been a writer?  All I know is that I am a certified bookworm. I can sit still and stay for hours without moving as long as i’m holding a book. A writer? Im not really sure of that, but one can only try. So here is my first entry to my blog.  I am an outspoken Asian woman who loves travelling and immersing in new cultures. Loves singing and reading for my relaxation.